The purpose of this blog is to help people become like Jesus Christ, who was and is the Son of God. C. S. Lewis ha said, “…the Church exists for nothing else but to draw men into Christ, to make them little Christs…God became man for no other purpose”

This sentence has changed my life. In this one statement, C. S. Lewis provides an answer to the “why” of living. We are to become like Christ. My intent is to travel this path, to become as much like Christ as I possibly can on this side of heaven. If God became man for no other purpose than to make me and you like His Son, then my intent is to pursue that purpose with all the vigor and energy I have.

If this is your passion as well, and you see what I see, you will enjoy my blog. I intent to challenge myself and all of my readers to pursue Christ-likeness with all their possible strength. I invite you on my journey.