The goal of our lives is to become like Christ (Galatians 4:19, Romans 8:29) and God has given us the means to achieve that end. Reading, meditation and memorization of scripture is a main way God accomplishes that goal. Romans 12:2 states, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…”

We change our life by changing the way we think. As Dallas Willard says, “Thoughts are the place where we can and must begin to change.” Our emotions and actions come from our thoughts. God has made us this way. If we want to become like Christ we must renew our minds with God’s Word.

So how do we interact with God’s Word so that it produces deep changes in our character? The process begins with developing a deep reverence for God’s Word. The psalmist wrote, “Princes persecute me without cause, but my heart stands in awe of your words. I rejoice at your word like one who finds great spoil.” Psalm 119:161-162.

Have you ever stood in awe of something? Have you ever stood in awe of someone? As a teenager, I remember going to see Michael Jordan play in the Meadowlands against the New Jersey Nets. The seats we had were right behind the Bulls bench! I was so close I could see the sweat beads on Jordan’s head during time outs. I was in the presence of the greatest ever! I was in awe the entire night.

This psalmist is saying this is the feeling we should have when we approach God’s Word! Can you imagine how the Bible would impact our lives if we had this attitude toward it. We would hang on its every word. Value its every thought. Obey its every command. It would influence every aspect of our lives.

Does your heart stand in awe of God’s Word or is reading God’s Word more like flossing your teeth? You know you should do it…but…well, you don’t.

Until His Word becomes extraordinarily important in your life, like stumbling upon great treasure, it will not have the impact it was intended to have (Hebrews 4:12). His Word will not penetrate the deeper parts of your soul and spirit that need transformed…the areas of your heart where motives lie…the areas where sin dwells, where pride, ego, selfish ambition, lust, and materialism live.

If God’s Word is to change us at our core… if we are to be transformed into the image and likeness of Christ we must “rejoice at His Word as one who finds great treasure.”

Stand in Awe of His Word and let the transformation begin!

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