Answered Prayer

In the Bible we are told to pray. We are told that prayer works. There is example after example of this throughout its pages.

Some pray. Some don’t. Some have tried and have given up. Some keep going even though they have suspicions that it’s not working. Let’s be honest, prayer can be frustrating and confusing.

In Luke 18 Jesus tells us to always pray and never give up. He tells a story about a woman and an unjust judge. Because of the woman’s perseverance, the judge gives her what she wants. The point? Apparently if we pester God enough He will give us what we want.

That makes sense. But then we read that God already knows what we need before we even ask? Well, then why do we need to ask? Why doesn’t He just give it to us? Is He mean? I don’t think so… but it is confusing.

Do you see what I mean?

There are other questions, too, like:

Does prayer actually change things?

Will God do what God wants to do if we don’t pray?

I have to admit that I don’t have all the answers to these questions. What I do know comes from actually praying.

The basics are this: We are told to pray. (I Thess. 5:17) We are told that prayer works (James 5:16). That should be enough for us to go on.

And so it was for my mother and many others who prayed for my Father. My father is a good man and was (still is) a great dad. He is an even better Grandfather. However, he has always been a non-believer, or what some would call an agnostic (one who claims you cannot really know if there is a God).

These days my father is not in good health. He has had several major heart surgeries to fix a faulty value he was born with. His most recent surgery was an emergency surgery to replace the last valve they put in due to a rare infection that had settled on the aorta valve.

Doctors said the odds of him surviving were, at best 50%…one doctor said 30%. Years of prayers have gone up to God for my dad to place his faith in Jesus. Most of them from my mother. All seemingly unanswered.

But this time was different. I am not sure how my mother prayed (I have an idea), but my prayers were more like desperate, angry demands. I felt as if I could not live on with my Father in hell and I told God that much. Repeatedly. I cried. Prayed. I asked. I begged. Others did too.

All I can say is that one night before the surgery my father and I held hands and prayed together for him receive Christ into his life. What I witnessed was a miracle. There is no other way to explain it.

It worked!

Maybe He listened to my mother? Maybe to me? Maybe to all my friends who were praying? Maybe He listened to all us? All I can say is that it worked! And now we will be spending eternity together forever in heaven.

So my advice to you: Pray. He is Listening.

Thank you, God, for opening My fathers heart to understand your glorious gospel!